2023-11-23 09:00

Training “The era of artificial intelligence: new opportunities for marketing specialists”

We invite you to the first FREE Artificial Intelligence practical training in Klaipėda, Western Lithuania! This two-day intensive course will help participants understand the potential, threats and practical applications of AI and will allow them to try out different AI tools.

During the training participants will:
– Learn the principles, potentials and threats of artificial intelligence
– Learn how to use AI to develop new marketing solutions and improve the quality of results
– Learn how to apply AI tools in company work processes
– Perform a variety of practical tasks with AI tools

The training will be delivered by:
– Antanas Bernatonis / Why AI founder, artificial intelligence trainer
– Patricija Butkutė / Why AI Creative Lead

The number of participants is limited to 30. Participants are limited to 30 participants.

Pre-registration is required: Microsoft Forms

AI breakthroughs are changing the way business is done. By targeting Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies in the public sector, manufacturing, health, biotech, fintech and other sectors can gain a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace, increase team productivity, improve the quality of their tasks and discover new business opportunities.

The training is partly funded by the European Union project “Industry 4.0 Lab Platform: DI4LithuanianID” (Training value 1000 EUR).

More information about the project is available here.