2024-02-23 10:00

Practical training on data protection according to the GDPR

We invite you to 2024 February 23 organized FREE data protection practical trainings according to the GDPR!

One-day intensive courses will help participants understand privacy threats, the main GDPR categories and requirements, the latest GDPR requirements implementation practices, the practical nuances of privacy risk management, and will allow them to try out different data protection risk management tools.

Training will be conducted by:

  • prof. Marius Laurinaitis / An expert with many years of experience in the field of information technology regulation.
  • prof. Regina Valutytė // Expert with many years of experience in the field of human rights.
    During training, participants:

During training, participants:

  • Will be able to explain what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is and in which cases it applies.
  • Will be able to describe what personal data is, what are the main GDPR categories (data controller, data processor, etc.).
  • Will know and be able to define what a data subject means and any of his rights and how to implement them.
  • Will be able to explain the main principles of the regulation (GDPR), will understand the practical nuances of applying these principles.
  • Will be able to explain the responsibility of individuals and organizations for potential GDPR violations.
  • Understand the legal bases of personal data processing and their application, the duties of data controllers and data processors, and the rights of the data subject and their implementation.
  • Privacy risks, risk assessment and management will be introduced. Get acquainted with automatic tools for data protection risk management.
  • Learn about personal data security violations and appropriate response methods, responsibility and the role of supervisory authorities in investigating violations.
  • Will find out the latest sanctions for non-compliance or improper enforcement of GDPR requirements.

In order for your registration to be approved and to participate in the training for free, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The company cannot experience financial difficulties
  • The company has a sufficient balance of demi-im aid (not having used EUR 200,000 in the last 3 years.
  • In order to verify the company’s compliance, it will be necessary to fill out the following documents:
    • Declaration of one company
    • SME declaration
    • Difficulty rating table


  • The training will take place live (MRU, Didlaukio St. 55), so it will be possible to participate remotely.
  • The number of participants is limited – 60 places. A place for training is confirmed after filling out the required documents and receiving confirmation.
  • From one company, organization – 1 person can register.
  • The duration of training is 6 credits. h., start at 10 a.m., 2 breaks of 15 min.

Pre-registration: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=SHPGoK96QEGcWjouBr8PDc1o9a9-NNNMrG0-EoOb5ddUN1laNk9LVE5VREhDUUQ4NTRKUkUzRzNJSC4u&origin=lprLink